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I called Kernique in 30 days to return products explaining that it was not helping me and I was told to give it more time and to call them back in 2 weeks, I called them back and they again said to keep trying it and to give it more time. In the mean time I realized they had charged my account and when I disputed the charge I find out that because I did not return the product in 30 days I could not get my money back.

I did not realize that by trying the product longer they would charge me and NOT honor the guarantee, I was just doing what they told me to do.

Turn your head upside down to dry your hair and spray it with hairspray and your hair will look thicker. You do not need Kernique to make it look thicker.

Review about: Keranique Account.

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To Review #535877 by anonymous: You should dispute the charge with your credit card company explaining what happened. Some credit card companies are better than others, but all should allow you to file a dispute online or by calling customer service. It's worth a try on the principal of it.

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