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I feel I need to complain about all of you who willfully gave your credit info to a complete stranger just because u heard free trial! If you were smart you would realize its not free if they need your info to begin with!

Too many people want everything handed to them, you all thought u would use the first months stuff and then get your money back on top of it. By free trial they mean your first month is free then you get charged to continue using it. The problem isn't them it's you trying to scam them!!!

Then you right a bad review because they did what they tell you they are going to do? Shame on all of you free loaders.

I don't give a *** about your stupidity I want to know about the actual product. Next time look on the web site, read terms, and don't give out your card info because you can't put a stop on electronic withdrawals. Use common sense people!

Review about: Keranique Free Trial.

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Screw the person who said this I did not expect just a freebie was hoping it would work and I would continue using it

to Legs #864377

Obviously a paid Keranique accessory

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