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I decided to try Keranique and once they sent the first product they had charged my account with $165+. I called them and thought I had made clear I wanted no other charges on my credit card, but in the last two days I have received 3 packages and I have once again been charged without my permission.I am going to do everything I can to make the public aware of this scam.

The problem is that once Keranique has your method of payment in their records they can just charge it whenever they feel like it and the public has to fight with them & look at their computer everyday to see if they have been!


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Hello can any body tell me how to block your credit card from those people ? so they doesn't charge you for nothing ?


to Liz #606225

Call your bank; let your bank know that you already asked them to not charge your card and they continued to do so. Most banks wil reverse the charges so youv get your money back but you may have to get a bew atm sometimes so they dont continue to charge it

to b #606555

make a file a complaint against them for fraud,for using your credit card when you told them not too your bank can help you with this, and they will go after them and then make a complain to FTC too and better business bureau. Then if you really want to do something contact a lawyer who does class action law suits and see if you can sue them, good luck.

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