To whomever this need to reach I am writing you because of a great injustice I ordered your 5 pc kit keranique new formula 1 shampoo and it did not work I have asked the very next week to cancel that way I will not get billed or be charged for anything now I get a bill in the mail for $157.90 . Trust me I am not paying that I talked to one of their reps supervisor ed rep number 557 he said this company really need to go out of business .Thank God that our national church meeting is getting ready to start we will have about 6.754,884 adult members that have registered we have over 40 session I will be asking all of our members to get on their facebook,linkedin, twitter,BBB, everything their radio and television broadcasts ask their kid to text and twitter if we can form some type of boycott that will kill this company and they will close for good and other people will not have to suffer this way threw robbery....thank you C.Hudson

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Las Cruces, New Mexico, United States #787684

Want to know the best way to get back every penny these scumbags have ever stolen from your account? When you do finally get a "customer service" rep on the phone, calmly tell them that you are one click away from submitting a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

Or the New Jersey Attorney General's office. Those magic words seem to have quite the effect on these c0n artists. Same thing happened to me after MULTIPLE requests to cancel and return their over-priced junk products, yet money kept disappearing from my account. If you don't get a refund of ALL funds back into your account, proceed with said BBB/AG complaint.

The BBB WILL get your money back, it just takes a little longer.

-Some people may tell you to dispute the charges with your bank, but I would advise against doing this, when your bank investigates your claim, they will want to hear the company's side of things, and although it may be your word against theirs, there is a chance that you may lose the dispute. Once a chargeback is lost by the consumer, it may permanently prevent your chance of ever getting you money back, so please be careful if you do this.

-And please use caution when dealing with any of the following companies/products, they are all one in the same, with their shady business practices:

>>>>Hydroxatone (makers of AM/PM Rejuvenating Treatment, Hydrolyze Under Eye Cream, Celtrixa Stretch Mark Lotion, Declatone Neck & Decollete Cream, Instant Effect 90-Second Wrinkle Reducer, Keracalm Smoothing Spray, Lashatone Eye Lash Growth)

>>>>Keranique Hair Regrowth System (the shampoo is junk - dries almost ALL hair types out, the "hair regrowth treatment" that is supposed to be top of the line is just a basic 2% minoxidil that you can buy at any drugstore for a fraction of the price)

>>>>Bellaplex - another POS "anti-aging cream" >>>>Luminique - another POS "anti-aging cream" >>>>Urban Nutrition >>>>Bellezza -And I would also be careful of Sarah McNamara Beauty, which makes the Miracle Skin Transformer line. Miracle Skin Transformer makes GREAT products, but their "customer service" for phone/online orders is also run by the same degenerates as the other products, so if you're going to purchase, go to a store like Nordstrom, Sephora or Ulta (where you can get samples and try the products in-store!

love it!) I'm posting this on EVERY SINGLE COMPLAINT for this horrible company....it may take me years, considering it looks like there are millions of complaints out there, but I will see to it that anyone considering ever doing business with ATLANTIC COAST MEDIA GROUP (The name they HIDE behind) will think twice, and anyone that's ever been scr.ewed over by these scammers will get their hard-earned money back. Hopefully, these pieces of $H!T will be out of business once they realize they're giving BACK more money than they're taking in!


Terrible company, reported them to Better Business Bureau

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #768312

I purchased this product last year and wasn't using it anymore. I asked them to discontinue it.

They said ok, but look at my account, still taking money out.

I'm pissed as ***. Beware

Davis, California, United States #768139

Thankful for forums. Saw this commercial, decided to look up reviews.

Seems like everything with a commercial with bright-eyed happy people, turns out to be ***. Everyone's too busy looking at the grinning idiots in the commercial that it overshadows the baseless claims their making.

(also, it means nothing to me that something is FDA approved, that doesn't make something good because the FDA passes many things that either aren't safe, or are ineffective.) Im glad as consumers, we now have more transparency when making purchases, saves a lot of hard working people from getting ripped off. Like a lot of people, 80$ makes the difference whether i can pay my bills AND eat, it makes me really upset that so many people get taken advantage of.

Newport News, Virginia, United States #755679

I can not believe the comments that I read to this review, they must be representing the company. People this review was base for the audience of the company.

It was to show them the volume of people that would be reached about their poor product.(No company wants that amount of poor publicity) I just want to say as a potential customer thank you for being honest. Your honesty has just saved me some money and a big headache!I hope everything works out for you.

Duluth, Minnesota, United States #748271

i use keranique an i had a price issue an they worked with me actually it was the supervisor edd who helped me out service was awesome, just cuz you idiots to dumb to read terms an agreements is your own fault so boycott your mouth an mind cuz your irresonsible an dont understand how to represent yourself between bs an reality... nothing is free an hair doesnt grow like a chia pet... grow up


Customer is just trying to say she has a lot of people she can tell by mentioning the church people.

Denver, Colorado, United States #737370

I used to order things without the luxury of CUSTOMER REVIEWS. Got burned many times.

This post saved me from ordering this. Thank you and I'm sorry, hope you get your money back.


People like you are the reason others bash all Christians and make us look like blue collar redneck Christian hicks.

to Nope #732058

What does that have to do with anything we are talking about a company conducting business that rips people off your comment has nothing to do with anything it. Makes no since.

to Nope #767003

The post has NOTHING to do about Christianity !! But you just confirmed the "blue collar redneck Christian hicks" concept.

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