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Like the other customer I got the trial order for my mother who has thinning hair and in her 70’s and was worried about it. Got the the order for $4 tried it all steps and it made her hair so very hard, sticky to wear all her hair was on my hands, and the next wash it seem to be coming out more!

But I kept telling my mom mayb I’ll skip the sticky step that made your hair feel like hay, so that can’t be good. The days later about three her hair was falling out with strokes of your gains running through it. I mean I was even scared to show her because after I ordered it she said “what if it makes my hair come out “ so I felt bad. I told her we are DONE.

I called to cancel three days within my free trial and he tried to go tooth and nail with me. I kept telling him NO! I am reading it right here and that is fail advertisement and I will contact my attorney as soon as I am off with you. He finally gave me a return address and told me to mail back all I had left I said no problem but you will not get this form that has the information on when you all had plan to take monies from my account.

Because if it comes out I will stop pymnt and make him think he is being sued!!!!!

Don’t try this product it’s horrible for your hair honestly and the company sucks! SCAM!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Keranique Hair Care.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I am so glad I stumbled onto this website! I was going to try Keranique but I always do my homework on a product before I buy it.

I cannot believe how many people this company has scammed!! It's a shame and I won't be another one on their list.

I'm staying far, far away from this product. Thank You so much for your review!


The same thing happened to me. Did your Mother start getting any soft spots on her head.

I did they are about 1/4 in wide and 1-2" long. Just wondering if this happened to anyone else?