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This company is taking money out of my account without authorization. My package came damaged and looked really CHEAP. The shampoo smells weird. The Minoxidil is way over priced, you can get the same stuff for a fraction of the price at any grocery store. My hair started to fall out almost immediately. My hair issues have gotten worse. They also started to charge my credit card $80 month and they won't stop. They were not authorized to do this and when I called, they claimed their terms are clear. THEY ARE NOT, it is in fine print. This is against the law, i have submitted complaints to the FTC and consumer protection agencies. As well as the BBB. If you got scammed by them too, please contact them.

I think i have to get plugs now. I am going to sue these *** artists. How are they even still in business after they were already caught and lost a class action lawsuit doing the same scam with their skin cream product.

Anyone interested in joining me in another class action lawsuit?

Product or Service Mentioned: Keranique Shampoo.

Monetary Loss: $168.

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I purchased Keranique on HSN. I thought it was a good deal because you receive larger volumes of the product.

After using it for a month my hair was falling out in clumps. I call Keranique. The guy I spoke to said he couldn’t find mr in the system. I told him I purchased it from HSN.

He told me to call them. I told him this is their product and I wanted to know if that was normal to be loosing more hair. He said I should call HSN. I hung up on the jerk and went onto the Keranique website and wrote to them.

The message said someone would contact me with 48 hours. It’s been over a month. Nothing. So I returned the product to HSN an explained they should not sell this.

HSN is great.

Keranique is horrible. They do not stand behind their product.


Same happened to me losing clumps of hair and what hair is left is very brittle breaking very badly. I want I on lawsuit!Please email me @:


Yes I wouldlike to join you in suit. My hair is permanently damage even after going natural. I permanently have a spot in the back of my head


Im having the same issues falling hair none growing areas on my head i didnt realize it was from the keranique until i read up on the complaints.. what can be done?

This is a very aweful situation. Some areas growing and others are not!!!


*** it's March 2017 how in the *** is Keranique "The hair treatment product that is fine print gaurenteed to make your hair thinner and fall out in clumps for 6 months to a year so that your own new hair can naturaly grow back" Company can still be ripping people off not only taking peoples hard earned money, but also stealing peoples self worth, self esteem, self being and happiness. In all these years why hasn't this company and it's employees been shut down, prosecuted and made to pay for all the damage, major hair loss, pain an sufferering and the cause and effect to the people who believed in Keranique's messed up bogus *** product because of the lies, false advertisments & promises this company made to all the wemon, ladies whatever, to any females who are starting to have or having problems with hair that wont grow, or was getting thinner due to hair loss.

We were promised thicker, stronger and healthier regrowth of hair. I was 38 when I used your product treament 6mo ago. I'm 39 now and what I got for believing Keranique's false advertisments and promises was seeing all of my beautiful strawberry blonde hair falling out in clumps in the shower and my hair brush. I can barely touch my hair without tons of strands falling out.

I thought maybe cutting it shorter would help it not fall out but it didn't. Something needs to be done about these scammers.


Yes my hair falling out after using keranique I am very upset I don't have any hair


hair is a womans glory some of us want longer hair and some don't. I myself wanted thicker and healthy hair.

there should be a class action law suit against keranique. they should not get away with destroying the lives of others.

Rhonda Watson. 215-475-0429


My mom going through same thing..she is trying to file a lawsuit...she ended up in the er because of this product with burns and sores on her scalp...severe itching and all the way down to her neck. Something got be done..


Hi my name is Lorena and I'm having the same issues my house was fine before I used the shampoo and conditioner I just wanted it to grow a little thicker my hair is been falling out for the last 10 months and I have sores all over my head and I am in pain all the time has anyone started a lawsuit I would like to join and has anyone found a cure to help get their hair back after the damage has been done? Pls feel free to email me at thank you.


My hair also fell out also, it will be two years this October. Not only did my hair fall out I also Had a really bad chemical burns on the sides and back of my head, my ears, my neck, and even my fingers.

My doctor put me on steroids for 28 days and also gave me cream.

I also had to see a dermatogist fir steroid shots for a few months, I was told my hair was not going to grow back in certain spots. I am so mad I don't know what to do.

@Rhonda Watson

I too had severe chemical burns and lost chunks of hair. I had blisters all over my head which got infected and I have pictures of them which are disgusting.

I had to go into the emergency room and have one of the welts lanced because it was so infected. This was back in 2014. I have medical records as well.

I initially thought that they were spider *** however the doctor said that they were chemical burns. Is there a class action lawsuit regarding this.


My email.


I have quit using this product and my hair is still dry and falling out in clumps.I washed my hair yesterday and I was rinsing and I had pulled out hair,with no effort,in large clumps.They overcharged me and more than once my package was at least 2 weeks late.This company continues to scam us,but stays open. I'm willing to file a suit...


My email is


I can't believe there still in business I was hospitalized from this product and my hair is also falling out to and braking off something needs to be done


Hi, I know this is super late lol.

But I am suffering the same issues and my hair is in really bad shape. I am also trying to open up a Lawsuit against them.

My first package smelled very strong of alcohol and leaking. They started charging my card twice a month for 80.00. The when I canceled my orders even though I had paid for the stuff already I did not get a refund, I had to pay shipping to send the shampoo and conditioner back. They let me keep the sprays which I did not want.

I told them that I wasn't seeing results and that I was seeing damages.

I haven't used the stuff in 5 months, I am still suffering severe shedding, thinning, breakage, bald areas that are noticeable to eye. My hair was great and very healthy before use.


I'm in on the lawsuit as well! My email is


i agree i ordered the free trial and my hair has be shedding every since my small bald sot not only got bigger but i have sores on my scape and my hair is now very brittle. i wished i never used this my hair was nowhere like it is now and its still fall out my email address is totally post


I had the same issue only they wanted $79.95 for my first 1/2 of a payment.I called them and told them I did not agree to this they said yes you did when you ordered it.there was not nothing no where that said any thing about agreeing to any thing..I sent it back to them it made my hair fall out.I have pic;s to ptove it..than they sent me another shipment I sent it back un opened.they are trying to charge my bank.I had to close my account.I would love to join in with others with a law email add free to add me with you in a law suit..Rosie


I had the same problem with them,My hair started falling out after using their product two times,I was getting hand full of hair out of my head every time I combed it.I have pic's before and hair was beautiful before I used their shampoo,and Cond..I am thinking of a law suit as well..please listen to me don't use Keranique products..if any one wants to talk to me please email me..I wish all of you that have been taken in by these people to join in the law suit against them..