Lancaster, South Carolina

I fell in the same trap as the other people writing complaints. You had better put the $79.95 back into my account.

I don't want this garbage and I will not stop until you put into my account what you took out without authorization! I never saw anything about having to join a beauty club until I received the supposed sample which I paid $3.95 for. The packing slip is the first I knew about your *** club and that you thought you had the right to take money out of my account! Well, YOU ARE WRONG!

I will not stop UNTIL YOU MAKE THINGS RIGHT and I will make sure your scam stops NOW! You have not heard the last of me. I will report your false advertising to Facebook and you will not scam anyone else on Facebook! If that is the only way you sell your product you might as well close your company because believe me when I say I will spread the news about your scam through every media sight available!

I will call you on Tuesday, December 29th! If you don't refund my money, all I can say is let the games begin!

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Please cancel my order from here out. Kristen DiFerdinando.

1400 Clinton St Wilmington,Delaware 19806 302-656-2534. CustomerID Sptv20170712265542.

Invoice No. A14F498c15D 6A698B6 Discontinue thanks


I agree, no right to withdraw from my account, never agreed to this. I will call and have this stopped


What a hoax! You won't see changes in 30 days.

I asked the rep how long it takes to see results. Liars!

Literature in the kit says at least 4 months. Last time I get sucked into "Beauty" garbage ads.


A month ago I paid 3.95$ for shipping for their products. and I just saw this transaction in my account today too the $79.95.

And call my bank to suspend this transaction. I'm so mad BC I dont put money in my account unless I'm doing a bill payment..

making my account over draft... getting so mad...


I nearly signed up for this. Decided to check for comments before I glad now. Thanks for posting to warn others...Sorry to hear about your experiences.


I was just about to order it after seeing the add on Instagram. I thought it.

Be very effective until I saw your comment.

They say you must call before. The 30 days after purchase to cancel any other order otherwise they will charge you the $79.


I too had the same problem, only thing different the money that was taken out was 167.85!!! I am sending a complaint to the BBB right now.

I too will document on face book about this scam company.

The greed of this company is disgusting. Stealing money from a bank account that is not theirs.


They did the same thing to me!

@C. Tartaglia

Online I paid 21.49,but they charged me 121.49,I am so confused.why I need paid more 100,can you tell me what happened in the end ?