South Gate, California
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Got excited bout the product didn't have hair loss just wanted my hair to grow longer n fuller faster I only used the shampoo n conditioner my hair started to fall out

Product or Service Mentioned: Keranique Shampoo.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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I use castor oil, just a plain old bottle bought at Walmart. Makes your hair thick and grows very fast.

Don't eat any sugar, just veggies, beef, chicken fish, and lots of salads and put on every veggie you like on it. No white anything (bread, pizza, potato, noodles, etc, cereal) cheese is ok. Drink lots of water and try some apple cider vinegar to clean out our insides and make your liver strong -- keep your body from being toxic and your hair will grow:) Hope this helps.

(1 tablespoon of vinegar 3x a day with some warm water -- when you get up, noon and afternoon) with all that good stuff your hair will grow like crazy. Be patient.


How do you use the castor oil in hair?


Try Viviscal ... it has a lot of good ingredients including biotin and keratin but I've also noticed a big difference in my hair growth and the fact that my hair stopped falling out as much ...

it takes about 90 days to start really kicking in and this isn't a scam ...

I would be more than happy to "OUT" a product that doesn't work ... I take bioidentical hormones and some of the side effects from the testosterone can be a little more hair loss then what you were wanting, so they recommended Viviscal and it really really does work but I don't know if that works for everybody , but it worked for me and it's still working ...


I took it as well. It worked.


Try using FAST shampoo and conditioner. Use it only on the top of head by roots.

It really works, but it drys out hair shaft and end. I never use it any place but on hair close to scalp.

Also, try Bed Head shampoo and condioner (the orange type onlyonly.) My hair grew like crazy. Make sure you are taking vitamins.


I have used keranique for several months now. It has been working for me.

Unfortunately I missed a couple of days but I am using it again and I love the way it makes my hair feel.

I just need something for dandruff. Also is it safe for me to use manoxidill since I have high blood pressure.


Rosemary oil works like a charm. Google it.

Tons of info on it that it works just like minoxidil but completely natural. I use it and wow! I can't believe how well it works. Just 5 drops of rosemary oil into 8oz of warm water..

Pour over scalp twice a day.. Works like a charm.. Con- you have to wet hair twice a day.. Then style..

But it works. I even put drops into my regular shampoo and conditioner.

Seriously, tons of infor on Internet. I started looking for natural ways because rogaine makes my head itch bad.


Sue them!


OMG! I was just about to order the shampoo and conditioner for the same reason you did, UNTIL I saw your photo.

Your picture made it even MORE convincing that I don't think I want to waste THAT MUCH money on it.

Thank you SO MUCH for sharing that. Some of these companies should be ashamed of themselves for using things like this, when they KNOW some women are dying to have thicker, longer hair NATURALLY (as they put it).