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I was sent a free trial for Keranique Hair Regrowth products as a reward for a Toluna survey.

It was you pay postage only $4, but I missed the check box to not also get Keranique dietary Supplement pills and ended up with them for $2 extra postage.

When they arrived I suggested my wife look up on-line how to use the product effectively to find it had scathing reviews mainly about people being billed hundreds of dollars for free trials and rude call staff.

I looked up my email from Keranique and got the 1800-826-871 service number and spoke to Alexander. He said the line was bad and it kept going silent - good try but no cigar. I was quite insistent and insisted in talking to the supervisor, upon which the line went quite before the 'beep', 'beep', 'beep' of a disconnection.

I rang straight back and got Alexander again (bad luck dude). He insisted I listen to his explanation of the terms and conditions and insisted I listen so he could help me. I listened and then I kept repeating the same mantra to him. "My wife doesn't like it, and we don't want it and it is within the 30 day trial period, we want to cancel our account". I added that I would report the company to Consumer Affairs unless we resolved the problem. We were lucky and it was also with the two week free return period, so we had grounds for a full refund, less the postage. He was quite insistent about asking me if I had read the 'Terms and Conditions'. I pointed out there were none on the site I was directed to by Toluna as my "reward" for doing their survey. He became mildly aggressive and insistent and kept asking me had I read them and I said I did not get them on the site saying 'postage only' required, nor on the emails confirming my order. He asked did we read the copy 'inside' the package, and I said no and went and checked and there was a set of the terms which detailed the undisclosed costs on the promotion. I read the terms back to Alexander "If you're not completely delighted... call ....within 30 days of the date of the order to avoid further payments or for a full refund, less shipping and processing..."

Alexander said he would cancel future payments but I would have to pay the return postage, I said I would gladly return the products "return to Sender" or use a return post address if they provided one but I was not paying the return postage as that was not disclosed and was only implied in the terms and conditions and not expressly stated and we did not even know that until after we opened the package. I said, "Please don't me go to the bank and cancel my credit card and report your company to Consumer Affairs". He asked me to wait on the line and not to hang up under any circumstances while he got return post details. I dutifully waited the 5 minutes for him to get back to be told I could keep the product and he was cancelling my account and there would be no charges made to my credit card. I was again asked to wait on hold while he cancelled my account and I waited another 10 minutes and logged into my Keranique account using my Invoice number and watched the account status change to show the product was marked as "Returned. There are no additional charges for this invoice".

Alexander and I parted on good terms. I apologised for getting insistent and aggressive, he said I had been polite, so I am guessing most customer end up swearing at him.

If you are conned by similar scams may I suggest you:

1. Make it clear you will report Keranique to Consumer Affairs,

2. State you were not supplied the terms and conditions as required by consumer law, until the product was opened.

3. Require a 'Free Post' address to return the product.

4. Will cancel your credit card immediately if you do not get a satisfactory confirmation that your ordered has been marked as "returned" and no future charges will be made.

5. Go to your account using the Invoice number and cancel 'all future shipments'.

Product or Service Mentioned: Keranique Hair Care Free Trial.

Reason of review: None disclosure of pricing at time of purchase, Return and Cancellation attempt resulted in initial aggression from the service rep and in kind from me..

Monetary Loss: $199.

Keranique Pros: That we resolved the issue.

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Wow and i was about to try it...but not anymore ill just get hair finity it works!


Thank you so much. I did what you said above, and they cancelled my account, no money owed, and I don't have to return the product.

Thanks for posting. I hope other people find this before it's too late so they aren't jipped by this scam.


Good that you did not return the items. In my case kerenique customer rep.

Want me to return the item. I will be returning it soon as they gave me a deadline. I did called twice to cancel the automatic subscription after the trial and they send me a cancellation confirmation by email. But when I go the website and enter my inviice number it says " balance is 159.95".

I cannot even cancel it or any future charges. Do you have any idea how?

I need some help. Thanks



If you used a credit card most companies will back you up if you are under satisfied with the product!! If they are still trying to take that money out of your account I would go to the extreme of closing that account number and opening up a new one or canceling that chargecard and getting a new one~When that happened to me with another product, I reported the card stolen finally (it was my last resort) so they had to issue me a new one & any future charges didn't go through.


Look at these & write your complaint letter. Good luck!!