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Decided to give this a try since nothing else seemed to be working for my hair loss.I REGRET IT!!!! This stuff made my hair DRY, BRITTLE, and TANGLED. The first time I used that follicle booster ***, I CRIED, my hair was so dry and tangled. My oldest daughter had to help me re-wash and detangle it. And then I noticed that there was more hair in the comb! I returned the 2nd shipment UNOPENED...but today they have charged me $59.95! I emailed...
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I didn't like
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I bought this product for someone and they do not like it.I have asked now twice to cancel all orders. Today I discover that they are still charging on my credit card an amount in Canadian dollars , which is about 30$ more because of U.S.A. exchange rate. Do Not Buy SCAM SCAM SCAM. I hope they resolve this as soon as possible or I will complain to my credit card company and the Canadian Consumer Board as also the U.S. Consumer Board. Please do...
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Keranique Hair Regrowth Beauty Set Review

Every time I use Keranique I get a chemical burn and sores to my head. What IS in this thing? There should be warning signs on the label. I am finally going to throw out the products for good. Everything -- shampoo, conditioner, and "treatment". Horrible.