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I purchased Keranique three weeks ago and begain using the product. This product contains Minoxidil and other ingredients.

The side effects warning posted on the package does not include popssible headachaches. Since using the product I've been suffering from excruciating head pain 24/7 and cannot find any relief through pain medication. My doctor tells me I have to wait for the product to go out of my system before I will get rid of my headaches. This product is very dangerous also if you have high blood pressure.

I am still suffering from headaches. This product is dangerous.

Monetary Loss: $158.

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I developed sores , and pimples on my scalp after 5 weeks of using the “follicle boosting serum “ with Capixyl 5%in it , I wanted to try something besides the Minoxidil , Hair started to shed also ! Horrible experience!! Be aware of side effects !


I have been using g Keranique for a year and I absolutely love it! I started losing my hair when I'm menopaused and I have no problem sleeping my hair is thick and it is down past my butt and I absolutely love it and I tell all my friends about keranique and my sister who had breast cancer started using it and her hair started growing back. I'm a believer!!


Worst thing you can do to prevent hair loss. It does NOT work.

It is a scam with very Big serious health issues at Stake. Complaint and let public know about this rip off and damaging Product.

FDA a shame on you Approving a trash like this. You should be suit by your lack of efficiency and Extreme negligence approval, in a product that does not work and Causes extremely serious side effects for women health..


Apparently, I am one of the people who is allergic to this product. I have had a moderate headache, dizziness and after a few days rapid heart beat. I called and had any further deliveries of Keranique cancelled.


Hello, has any one have sores develop in their nasal passages? I have had painful sores in my nose and it been since using? was wondering if any others have experiences this too.


Yes, I do! And a rash all over. It iches like crazy!




I am so happy I came across this review, because I do have high blood pressure and do get headaches on occasion. Thank You so much for telling it like it really is for you. Feel better soon.


I purchase the Keranique four days ago,and I have high blood pressure,but I thought I could still use it.I have used it twice,and after using it the second time,when I went to bed my head hurt awful,.Woke up next morning my blood pressure higher than normal.I will return it for a refund.


Minoxidil is used to treat severely high blood pressure (hypertension). You should talk to a healthcare provider or pharmacist regarding side effects of medications. It’s s vasodilator, therefore it would cause low blood pressure Minoxidil can make your heart beat rapidly.


I have been taking these for 2 months and had to get off them. I was having aches in my shoulders and racing heart rate.

I thought I was dying, and had to get off them.

Since I quit taking them I feel so much better. Not for everyone and so take at your own risk.

@Jennifer Cooley

I purchase this on Black Friday and use it. The second week my heart has rapid heart beat and felt dizziness.

After I found out that cause it then I stop using it and felt a lots better.

But I still has it here and there. I guess I have to wait until the product get off my systems.


I am suffering with the same headaches. I am hoping the pain will stop since I stopped using the keranique.


Can u please tell me how did u use the Apple Vingar on your hair???


Hello all, just want to let you know what kerinaque did to me, gave me anxiety attacks and headache, whenever I put it on my scalp I am awake the whole nite, no sleep at all, when I stopped using it I am ok again, tried on and off and same thing happened, it was aweful


I have been noticing the same thing about the insomnia. No head aches though. I have the light headedness feeling too.


I am also experiencing headaches! The first day it was horrible and then the last few days the headaches come right after I spray the product onto my scalp.

They are very bothersome. I sent the product back and told them I would like a refund.

I'm sorry to hear about all of these effects from everyone. It's too bad they sell products like this.


I had a similar experience with Keranique. The minoxidil is supposed to end the current hair cycle once applied, then begin a new one.

so wherever you put this product, the hair WILL fall out, then grow back 'stronger'. But no one explains that to the customer. I panicked when MORE of my hair fell out, than before I started using the product. I'll pass on this one.

Found out my hair loss was due to sulfate allergies, and apple cider vinegar grew my hair back in 6 months. bye-bye keranique.


hello, May I ask how did you apply the apple cider vinegar?


Hello, how did you use apple cider vinegar to grow your hair back? I was going to try the keranique line until reading horrible side effects.