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I order the free trial and when to cancel before 30 days well i recorded every conversation with them and they still charging me well then i receive and email that i owe them nothing by someone name DIANE WELL I COPY AND SENT THE EMAIL TO MY BANK AND A ND MY LAWYER THEY CANT MAKE PEOPLE BY THERE PODUCT IF YOU DONT WANT IT. MY NAME IS FELICIA. CARTER I DONT CARE IF THEY KNOW WHO I AM .

Product or Service Mentioned: Keranique Hair Care Free Trial.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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i am not trying to be a scene, but why in the world would you put your personal/cc info on a product you are assuming is FREE? and if under impression of only paying shipping...look more into it before hand...js


ALSO!!!!! Should anything you say be found to be untrue, especially in a court of law, your statements can be impeached and ALL recordings are admissible.

Hey bubba...fix your real problems and stop squeezing every penny you can put of people who put faith into your company, in hopes to stop an embarrassing cycle of life...feeding on their needs...

Only to misquote BS recording laws? I guess that's why you're a "Rep" and not a lawyer. Cuz...a lawyer, even the worst kind, wouldn't defend the statements you give your customers.

Well, one time suckers...cuz, I think we all pretty much know that you don't have customers...just really PISSED OFF one time users of something that DOES NOT WORK!

If it would be a lot more than $50 and EVERYONE would be talking about it...hello? ***...go pray!


it is more than $50, the cheapo-s out to get the "free trial" pay 49.95, the actual kit, in general is $150 and up. it takes 4-6 mo to see actual hair regrowth...


Some states are single party states. That means as long as one person knows the conversation is being recorded, it's ok...even if the one recording the conversation is the "one" person.

Also...if you had nothing to worry about and ran a legit business...why exactly are you coming back with recording defenses?!?

Sort of a Freudian slip don't you think? Kind of telling on yourself.


. Just a heads up if you don't let us know in the beginning of the phone call that you are recording and your intentions are to send the recorded tape to your lawyer then you actually have no case at all because it is illegal to record someone without letting them know ahead of time but for our calls on the other hand it very clearly states on the automated when you first call in that it is a federally recorded line so you were just wasting your time

@keranique rep

I am so glad o cane across this review! The customer service SHINES!!!

Just FYI, it's also illegal to withdraw funds from an account once the customer has directed you to cease! And...depending upon which state the customer resides in, the customer may or may not have to inform you that you are being recorded!

@Gwynn Guiliano

Only eleven states in the US require you to be informed that you are being recorded, so beware! You got lucky she's in Florida, but accessing her account illegally is a much bigger crime!

@keranique rep

This reply is all I needed to see. I won't be placing an order. I'd think your company would be more concerned in resolving some of the complaints on this page than you are about being recorded.

@keranique rep

I'm so glad I came upon this review too. Also you should know the law before you comment.

Some states are one party consent states, I should know I'm a lawyer. Which means that you only need one party to consent to the record i.e. the party making the recording.

Won't be touching this product with a 10 foot pole. Posting this to my social media as well.

@keranique rep

After the complaint the customer made that is your comment back? GREAT Customer service would have been to diffuse the situation NOT add fuel to the fire...

How about being a better representative and try to help the customer and hit them when they are already down.

You are in the WRONG field.

@keranique rep

WOW! I have to say Keranique rep your response makes me NEVER want to do business with your company! Thanks for being a *** BEFORE I could order : )

@not ever a customer

I was considering purchasing this product but, after reading these reviews...WOW, no way would I !! I'd like to thank this website for saving me much aggravation.

@keranique rep

That's not accurate keranique rep. The law clearly states that when there is a conversation between two individuals, even on the telephone, that as long as 1 of the individuals involved in the conversation is aware that it is being recorded it is absolutely legal.

This law was enacted by the Supreme Court of the United States.

If you don't have anything to hide, then you shouldn't be concerned about it. However, as you state, it is automated that it is a federally recorded line, so that gives the caller the complete rightful and lawful ability to record the call for themselves as well.

@keranique rep

Thanks for that reply,I will never order this product based on it. Your response and customer service skills are horrible. Buyer beware!!!!

@keranique rep

Wow. I can not believe how childish and unprofessional this comment is.

I have read all this reviews and not once does a representative say a thing like we are sorry please contact us we would like to make this right. But say you recorded a conversation and there you are telling them how they wasted time. I can see this company does not care at all about keeping customers.

Do you all actually want to stay in business. With social media these day pissed of customers can destroy your business.


So glad I ran across these comments. I just watched a keranique commercial and I will never purchase the product.

Bad customer service with no type of care to the customers problem, and customers complaining about product not working and their hair still falling out. I'm cool and I eill et others know about this as well!


I'm Glad as well cause I was just getting ready to place and order but after looking at the reviews and the sales rep. it's just a shame by this being on social media it really don't look good and she really should be fired that is very poor customer service. and an apology needs to be in order.