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I had some thinning in one area in the middle of the top of my scalp. I have really long hair so I pull it up a lot in a scrunchie and pin it in a ball.

(lots of us / females do this. I see my hairdresser about every 3 weeks. She told me I needed to stop putting the hair up with pins because the grab at the roots. I decided at the advice of one of the store reps at Ulta after one hair appointment to get something.

This something was Keranique Thank GOD!!! I only used it on the one spot. After about one week of using it on the spot ... One day my hair started falling in the sink as if I had had chemo.

I was terrified. Within 2 days , most of the hair in the area I had applied this product feel out. . All I could think of was ..

What if I had needed it all over my head. I called the company ... Spoke with a rep... He told me that, when you use the product..

It is supposed to make the unhealthy hair fall out. I said all of it.. He said "Yes" He said this is what the chemical does... It causes the hair to fall out so new hair can come back..

So far my hair isn't coming back. I had really dark hair and decided for the first time, ever to get highlights and low lights . I got some really light ones ... so that I can comb my hair over and so that it camouflages the ball spot better.

I have had the same hairdresser for over a year and had hair .. until this. I ask the Ulta store in Fremont , CA to pull it. I also called Ulta customer service and ask they they have it pulled from their stores.

I have a lot going on with my family and I can't address this situation with the makers of this product as I would like .. BUT I WILL BE Again BEWARE OF THIS PRODUCT .... All my hair fell out with 2 days once it started. It was traumatizing.....

I was terrified.

If anyone else has had this happen please email me. New4rae@aol.com

Product or Service Mentioned: Keranique Follicle Boosting Serum.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Wow im so sorry that has happened to you. Did they say how long it would take for the new hair to start tongrow back in ?

Have you seen any reaults at all of your new hair growth.

Very scary. Thank you for sharing your story.


So what happened ?

Has it grown back ?

Calling people won't help.

You've got to get mean if you're really damaged : complaints in writing sent via Certified Mail return receipt requested to the appropriate persons.

Be factual, be polite, keep it short, inform them of the need for action within 7 days of receipt of this letter to avoid further action.

Include medical bills or other financial or personal damage. Terrified, upset, and a quarter will buy you 25 pennies.

My advice is to stop using colorizing agents, miracle formulae, etc.

And pursue your claim if it's truly valid. Mild shampoo with an occasional split ends trim will do more for you.


Get a weave


Thanks for the critique, I was interested, but not anymore.

You have done me a great service


Same lol


Same here..lol


Thanks for the comments; was about to order the free trial, then decided to read the comments first, thank God I did.