Miami, Florida
Not resolved

I can not possibly use all the product you keep sending me. Please cease and desist sending me any more as of this date.

I am on a tight fixed income and find it hard to even purchases the things I need for mere survival. I was making it through each month until you have continued to send and charge me for Keranique. Who is there in the world who would need this much of this product? I am eighty two years old and do not understand why you keep sending me all this product.

Can you give me a reasonable explanation? I would appreate a response to this complaint.

Product or Service Mentioned: Keranique Hair Care Free Trial.

Reason of review: tired of this product.

Keranique Pros: Shampoo and conditioner.

Keranique Cons: Deceitful practices, Owe me my refund per guarantee, Never received confirmation or notifications by email, Charged 159 dollars more than expected.

  • Not So Free Trial
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