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Well, I saw an ad for Keranique late at night on tv. I went to the website right after and ordered the free trail.

I noticed that you had to pay for shipping. I honestly had no problem paying for shipping, it was only 7$ with tax. I was really excited to try out this free trial. I have thinning hair due to over treatment and dying.

I wanted nothing more than to have thick hair with the hair regrowth treatment. I placed in my order without really looking into it. Which, honestly I should have. If you really take the time to look at the website it does state that you only pay for shipping for this first month.

However ordering this free trial you will now become a member who receives this Hair regrowth treatment which also includes Shampoo, Conditioner and more. BUT if you don't cancel the membership you'll be charged 86 dollars a month. I received a phone call and an email a couple of days after placing my order. I had to verify my credit card info over the phone.

Shortly after I started receiving mail from companies that I never even heard saying that they would charge my credit card in a month for a certain product that I never even heard of. I was mad that I had been receiving this mail from two different companies, so I went to my bank to cancel my credit card before they would even have the chance to charge my credit card. Long story short if you place an order for a free trial you have to send all of the bottles back to Keranique, empty and pay to have it send back to cancel your membership. Also, the hair regrowth treatment itself can make your hair grow, however if you discontinue the use of it the hair that you had grown in that month will fall out..

It even says it in the pamphlet that you get. The shampoo did make my hair a little soft, however its nothing better than the typical shampoo you see in stores. I wasn't satisfied. If any free trial states that they need your credit card information I would suggest not giving it to them.

If it's free they wouldn't need your credit card info. I didn't realize that at first. I'm glad I caught on to the problem right away once I started getting different bills for stuff I never ordered. It's honestly how they scam you, which is all this company is.

A big scam.

Please, don't order this product. It was frustrating, I'm just glad I caught on before it was too late.

Product or Service Mentioned: Keranique Shampoo.

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Thank you for your letter. I saw the ad on t.v., and decided to look it up, and thank goodness for internet! Of course I will not order the stuff, and I can't believe the Shark professionals approve of this product after reading all the negative reviews.


True, I did the samething....They are SCAMMING people to believe you get the frial just for shipping and.handling. But they fail to tell you its every month .....


I wish I had read this review BEFORE I ordered the "trial" order which I was charged $59.00 for.

This entire product is a SCAM!!!!!!!!

Visalia, California, United States #1298969

You can buy Keranique 8oz shampoo at Sephora online for $30.

Lexington, Kentucky, United States #1231069

Same exact problem as stated above. Had no idea it was more than what they said.

Just heard great product and a deal came along.

I thought. But yes just have to do same thing and pray nomore charges go into bank because put me in negative knowing i had no clue

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia #1139899

Ordered "FREE" Trial from Australia and decided the advantages did not outweigh the cost, so I contacted them only to be told to return products Before the 15th April even thoughthey were not received until the 23rd March. Cost was $22.50 for the return. They even demanded the return of the "FREE" gift.

to Alan #1392445

Oh *** I wish I had researched this before I just ordered the "Free Trial" from an advertisement I saw on Facebook. I was led to believe that this product was bought into from the Australian Sharks, which is a TV show and that because of the this it would be sent out from within Australia.

So now I'm just realizing that if it's sent from America and it will take 10-15days to arrive, than it's going to be an extremely close call to return these items within the 30 day period. I honestly thought that if I didn't want the items than I would need to call and cancel before 30days and that sending the items back would be after that period, not within the same darn time frame.

Completely ridiculous and clearly a massive scam. Wow just wow.


If only I had read this review, I would have been saved a lot of money. What a scam.


I just ordered it too and now they keep calling me trying to get me to try all these other subscriptions. I refused to give them my card number and the guy started arguing with me.

I hung up on him. So disrespectful and I am not looking forward to how they will treat me when I try to cancel.


I just brought this risk free trial literally 4 minutes ago how do I cancel it!?!

I'm scared now

to Anonymous #1337887

Try calling customer service 888-237-4131 (from my charge card statement, not the one that came in the box). I also went on their website and cancelled it.

Good Luck!

to Anonymous #1340571

I just recieved it yesterday and used it today but thought i would look it up if I could get it cheaper now reading all these negative reviews i would probably send it back grrr

to Anonymous #1366666

info6rm your bank and cancel your card asap.


I just ordered some and now I'm scared, do I send the bottles back straight away to cancel my payment?

Rome, Georgia, United States #846049

I also ordered this product. I have been using it for 2 weeks now.

Haven't seen any change but did notice my credit card has been charged $168.00 for 3 months.

I'm not sure if I have 1 or 3 months supply. I will not reorder this for sure.

to Ga. Girl #1006060

They did the same thing to me. After canceling & mailing back the 'free' trial offer (which I had to pay to have it shipped & returned to them), I found this product at Ulta stores.

I have been using it twice a day for 8 months now, and am pleased at how much thicker my hair is. I just don't like the way Keranique tried to sham me.

San Dimas, California, United States #817666
to JDlubsyou San Dimas, California, United States #817673
Its not a free trial its a risk free trial..just know the differences..it's not a company fault..the company is legitimate. :) :) :) :) :)
to JDlubsyou San Dimas, California, United States #849360

You're correct up until the company being legitimate. But nice to see another San Dimas resident ;)

Los Angeles, California, United States #812945

If I could kick myself in the *** I would. I didn't like who I was talking to and he quickly gave me to the hard sell manager.

I don't know why I waited to order before reading reviews. I'm a hairdresser and I'd never order minoxidil because I know as soon as you quit it reverts back. I was trying to ask questions but was told the instructions would explain it ........ I've had to take a lot of meds and I think that's why I feel my hair thinning.

Most people wouldn't even see it but I do ....... Wanted to help it before it gets real bad ...... I think I'll send it back without using ....... I'm calling them tomorrow and will make sure there's no charges ......

If I hear anything I'm Leary about ill also get a new card. I'll continue using my Nioxin which stops more loss

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