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I ordered this product a little over a month ago and started using it. I saw some initial results because I was experiencing some thinning just near the front of my head.

Well, within two weeks of using this product, my hair began to shed and has continued to shed. I've been saving my lost hair in a bag and I have not ever lost this amount of hair. This occurred within weeks of using this poison.

I am devastated. I had to cut it, in hopes of saving it from further damage and shedding. I'm also wearing a wig and have tucked my hair away, while it heals.

Please, do not buy this product! I'm African American and I don't believe it's for our hair.

When I spoke to a customer service rep about it... he told that this is normal. That there will be some loss of hair before it began to grow. This is absolute rubbish and I'm returning this sadistic product.

Product or Service Mentioned: Keranique Hair Care.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Preferred solution: I would love to sue this company for the damage done to my hair!.

Keranique Pros: This product is misleading.

Keranique Cons: Fact that it has destroyed my hair, Hair is badly damaged because of this product, Hair began shedding within weeks of using it, I have never lost this much hair, I am devastated.

  • Stay Away From Keranique
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I am wondering if the few positive reviews are people who work for the company, or paid individuals to post positive reviews. I have hair loss and I am glad I can see how bad this product is!!!!


I'm sorry for the late response, but, I wouldn't recommend this product for my animals. This is a horrible, horrible product and I believe this company is clearly aware of the potential damage it can cause.

I'm presently taking a collagen and bioten supplement, that I purchase at Sam's Club and I'm finally seeing some positive results. My hair is normal very thick and lengthy. But, due to age it has thinned somewhat, but, this product was devastating for it. The collagen supplement that I'm using is...

Neocell Super Collagen+C. It's for skin, hair, joints and nails.