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You wrote Keranique in my inbox as Costco Gift of $50+ for the shipping charge of $3.99 ONLY. EVENTUALLY, your agent said IT'S "risk-free 60-day trial", that if I don't call, you charge me of the product. I received the product in damaged package. I wanted to know the...
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I didn't buy this product but almost did. After reading the reviews it really pissed me off. Why don't someone use a fake name and credit card number to give them taste of own medicine. This really angers me that all of you had to lose so much money. I feel for you guys.
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Credit Card Charge Review

Please you guys ...go to your credit card company and dispute the charges. It is illegal for them to charge you. You will get refunded by your CC company AND if enough complaints are registered by the credit card companies then they will no longer be in buisness!!!!
Koloa, Hawaii
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