Greensboro, North Carolina
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I used the product for over a year. It did not work.

I would develop some fine hairs which would fall out after an inch of growth. My hair continued to thin. I called Keranique and said I wanted to cancel my subscription. I spoke to Drake.

He asked me about my medications and, reluctantly, I told him the one med that I take. It is contraindicated for monoxidil! Drake was very helpful. He cancelled my account courteously and offered to send me a complimentary bottle of a follicle treatment without Monoxidil.

No hassle. No rude agents. Sorry it did not work.

I enjoyed the feel of it on my scalp. Off to the doctor now to see if I can save at least some of my poor hair.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

Keranique Pros: Courtesy of the staff.

Keranique Cons: Product did not work because of my contra-chemistry.

  • Hairloss
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Yes, my complaint was resolved without unpleasantness or pressure to continue the subscription.