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After two weeks of using this awful free trial keranique, my hair is thinner now than before i started. Their regrowth spray is a mild acid of sime sort and the lift treatment is generic hairspray.

DISCONTINUE USE IMMEDIATELY! You've been forewarned!

Contact your local business bureau and report this corrupt company. In the meantime , take iron supplements to naturally regrow your hair back you lost!

Product or Service Mentioned: Keranique Hair Care Free Trial.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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The same happened to me, my hair became thinner and I found MORE hair in the tub after shampoo than I did prior to using this product. I TOOK PICTURES!

I took a picture of the thinning area I wanted to treat and then, after stopping, I too pictures of the numerous areas of thinning. I am looking into contacting FDA or any other organization that can help put these FRAUDS out of business.


After using Keranique, I also experienced severe scalp dryness and sores on my scalp. Before using this product I had no problems with dandruff.

Now I have dandruff on top of dealing with the sores on my scalp. I've discontinued using Keranique, but I would appreciate some advice on how to remedy these scalp issues.