I used this product 3x's, and had hives in my head, and all over neck. It was so bad.........

I got bells palsy, and the ER doctor said it could have been the product. I really think it was. I don't think they test it. I think they are doing the free trial to test on us *** ones that fell for their ad.

I would not recommend this product to anyone. Not even my worst enemy.

They also have other countries doing their customer service, and that really topped it off for me. We have enough people here in this country that could do that job.

Not me though....

I wouldn't represent them for nothing. The product stinks!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Keranique Free Trial.

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Hi I have the same situation i seem to have come across this a bit too late but how are you now how did you get rid of the hives im really worried please reply


Me too! Rash all over the back of my neck!

Struthers, Ohio, United States #1178120

I start using keranique products and I developed a rash all over my body and I'm not using it anymore.

to Anonymous #1611909

Same here just tried it 2 days and noticed second night I had slightly raised rash on my upper legs n around my belly button. I've never been allergic to anything so I'm quitting this stuff n calling them on it.

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