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So, here's how it went down...

My friend showed me this product not knowing of the rule that requires the product to be returned after 30 days. So I gladly placed an order, excited to receive this beneficial product...after much adieu, I received the products months later and after receiving the products, I decided to try and cancel the subscription for further shipments of these products. I tried calling them for days and there were no one ready to answer, I emailed them to require a cancellation and yet again, there was no reply.

Low and behold, I suddenly start getting bombarded over a few days from weird numbers from different parts of America. I decide to pick up and a lady acclaims she's from Keranique and says that I have "OUTSTANDING PAYMENT" needed to be met and here I am super confused on how in the world do I have payment to be made if I cancelled the subscription. She then goes on saying how I needed to pay and that an official letter should have been received to show payment needed, however, I received no such thing. I find it absurd and crazy how after the many million times I tried to contact them, no one appeared to answer only till I have an overdue payment.

I told the lady how I do not need to pay for this as they did not clarify on what is needed. The lady replies saying "well that is not my problem maam." and how stupid is that. I don't understand the stupid customer service they have.


Product or Service Mentioned: Keranique Hair Care Free Trial.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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  • Hair Loss Free Trial
  • Financial Abuse
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Didn’t you get a link to their online portal? You should be able to cancel your subscription with just a few clicks.

They are also really good about crediting the account. Given you somehow didn’t understand the offer to begin with and you somehow didn’t see the website for self service, maybe you sent an email to the wrong address???