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This is such a scam. It says you can return this within thirty days of receipt of your order which is a joke - just call customer service at 1-888-237-4131 within 30 days and request a return # and return to Keranique for a full refund. I ordered this on 9/21/16 - tried to return it on 9/25/16 and am being charged $48.71 for something I don't want. When you call you get a recording telling you you're being charged. What a scam. I was not... Read more

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Not happy, feel ripped off. No disclosure regarding billing currency exchange from US dollars to Australian dollars. Hair Care trial promo states $79.95 which jumps to $109 when billed. My trial stated 2 days left, seemingly to return product, my 'personal' customer care rep could not see where that was stated on my account, insisting that I still owe a 2nd payment. After stating I want to close my account, and letting her know I was not... Read more

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I ordered a keranique online because it was advertised, in a pop up, at a dog's products website for $5.00 or so. It was delivered, but I never used it. Then my bank called me to warn me that Keranique was trying to access my debit account for $80 dollars. They also said they have been having problems with this vendor. So I wrote Keranique to ask where to return their product, but got no reply. I do get emails telling me I now owe them $160... Read more

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I wish I had seen these reviews before purchasing. I signed up for the free trial and was not impressed, so I cancelled (as they stated after the 30 day free trial, I would be billed if I don't cancel). They still tried billing me on September 4th, then again for $20 less on September 8th, which locked my card and account because it appeared fraudulent. Thank goodness my bank cancelled that card and is sending me a new one. Read more

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Hi my name is carrey Lopez this company manipulate for u to get the product that is a 30 day trial free product at no charge when u call they asking for 49.95 so they do force advertisements iam so upsaid Read more

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I called three weeks ago to cancel after the 30 day trial was up. They never put it into the system. I called today after having 79.95 taken out of my account. I explained that the products destroyed my hair, leaving it dry with a sticky film that is impossible to get rid of. Now, after calling to explain that I should not have been charged for a product that destroyed my hair, they reduced it to 39.95. I am now paying 119.90 for a product that... Read more

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I used this product and it did NOT do what it states it does. their so called regrowth formula was nothing more than Minoxidil which can be purchased anywhere a lot cheaper, the shampoo wasn't any better than Frutis for 4.99. They are nothing more than a fraud. You try to return it and are told you have to have at least 50% of the product but that is never mentioned before purchase. Please do NOT waste you money and time, go by a cheaper... Read more

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Wanted to cancel and order withing 4 minutea to making it.. they cant find in in the system but yet i was been charge already.. asked for a supervisor the answer was our supervisors dont work on weekends !!! Horrible horrible costumer services.

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i got screwed. i was told to choose one of five things because of the points i accumulated. Even though my wife was not at home and would not be for another 3 months,i ordered the hair product for her or to give as a xmas present. I did not like any of the prizes. I threw it in the corner with all the presents that my wife had bought for xmas.She ordered all through catalogs because she can not stand or walk for 3 years. I seen that I was going... Read more

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After reading the negative reviews I called to cancel this account that was set up (which I did not request). At that point I was informed they wanted the product back or $38.00 more I was furious. Do not fall prey to this company! Their business practices are unethical. You do not even have enough time to determine if the product works before they try to debit you account again. Asking for photo! No photo was required when I accepted the trial... Read more

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When operator was talking info. She asked for credit card number 4 to 5 times. Was this the same with others. Also talked extremely fast & constantly told her she needed tslow down as I had questions, some questions she said would be answers when my shipment got there. I told her, I needed it answered now. When I asked for a ~❇ COMPLETE TOTAL, As I had my order broken down ~ there was S&H and 3 other charges. I asked her too please... Read more

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was considering the free trial that I just saw on TV and decided to look at some reviews, yours was the first I saw. Thank you for saving me time money and aggravation. I am a cancer survivor and understand the importance of trying to regrow your hair. I hope this will help you as much as you just helped me. There is a product called Nature's Blessings Pomade. you can Google it and find it online I'm sure. It's very inexpensive I think I bought... Read more

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This should be banned. This stuff made my hair fall out . I had to cut so much of my hair off I'm not even comfortable leaving my home right now!then they charged me $80 . Only used it 3 weeks. The vitiams made me sick .if u don't like your hair this is the *** to use! Thank you *** for *** up my hair

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I thought after my cancer treatment it would help get hair back faster and thicker but can't afford the costs and didn't even open the containers.. took 2 phone calls to get an address to return it to!!!! Once they got you CC details you will be billed and sent product every 2 months.. Good luck if you can afford it but us sick folk sure can't. Pissed off sick benificary and am so over this type of ***. My fault for trying to take a short cut..... Read more

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I have seriously been thinking about using this product. I am so thankful I found this website, but I am disappointed that all of the reviews are bad. What I did read here is that Keranique is made with Minoxidil. Even if the product does work for some people, my hairdresser says that as soon as you stop using Minoxidil your hair starts falling out again which is also in Rogaine! You are probably much better off to us a natural product and... Read more

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