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I am so glad I took the time to look up the reviews on this keranique hair product before purchasing it. My hair has been thinning terribly so when I saw the ad on the television for this product, I was really excited to order it, but I figure most of the time if it sounds too good to be true it probally is. After reading through a few reviews, I have decided that even paying the shipping price is a waste of money. Free is never free. They wont... Read more

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Thank you all for taking time to warn consumers. This confirms what I always believe. I will never order free samples. I do not order anything off tv because they all put you on auto pay and most of the products are inferior. I believe they know the products are a money making scam. I do not watch infomercials. There should be a class action suit against this company. There are probably other scam products sold. Someone mentioned BBB or FTC.... Read more

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When I first ordered keranique, I was excited and after applying I got a bad headache, but I kept using, thinking it wasn't nothing and not making the connection, until after maybe the third try I call them and that's when I found out after talking with one of there rep's and explaining what I feeling when using, I went over a few things about myself and during that conversation I learned that the product interfere with high blood pressure... Read more

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I cannot believe that Sams Club endorses this company. They advertise they will send you a product and you only pay shipping. When the company called that the product was being sent, I said to cancel, and they refused. They said I had to call another number. If you refuse the order unopened, they will bill your credit card $179+ automatically. If you open the order, they want you to return it at your cost, and they say they still charge you... Read more

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This company has hidden agendas. There is no such thing as free trial with $3.95 shipping. I felt I was pressured into charges added to my credit card with items I did not ask for or want. Customer service stinks. Operator #138 has a very snippy attitude. Will be sending items back.

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Keranique FREE TRIAL is by no means free. It states that all you pay is the shipping. Like a fool I decided to try and boy do I regret it. The product left my hair dry and made my scalp burn, but it was a FREE trial so worth a try. Wrong!!!! Hidden at the bottom of the FREE TRIAL offer in tiny blue, barely seen letters is the word TERMS. Free means being billed $160 for a product i cannot use nor want and repeated shipments and billings of... Read more

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I have hair loss and these companies will not grow your hair back. I have been using Bumble & Bumble Hair Powder for 5 years. It does NOT grow hair back or stop your hair from falling out.......but what it does is you can spray your scalp and the delicate powder clings to your scalp and hair and you can't even tell your hair is thinning!!! It's the greatest hair product I have ever purchased. They have blonde, brown and black spray. It's... Read more

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Just cancel your credit card. That's the only sure way to stop. Unfortunate terrible customer service may have blocked good product. Don't know because no one is writing about results.

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Disgusting . No working. No funciona. Tremenda ***

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I am just chillin and trying to watch some tv when the commercials started playing. I was totally fine with that but it's really really late and I was hoping these advertisements would go by quickly because I knew I wouldn't be able to go to sleep until I found out the end of this show. So the kerenique advertisement comes on. THIS AD MAKES ME WANT TO KILL SOMEONE!!!!!!! I looked at the time at 4:01 am and it is now 4:28 am AND THE AD FOR... Read more

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I responded to an ad on Facebook which stated that I could get the products on a free trial basis for $5.00. Was I surprised when I saw a charge on my credit card, not for $5.00, but for $79.95!!! I went on the website and was able to cancel all future orders, but I am stuck with what I got and the $79 charge. I won't waste my time calling them, as I don't have hours to waste on the phone trying to get my money back. And I don't want to... Read more

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Wish I had read these first I WILL BE RETURNING MY ORDER SINCE THEY HUNG UP ON ME WITHOUT COMPLETELY FINISHING OUR CALL ....ALTHOUGH ONLY AFTER ALL THE "EXTRA" OFFERS DID TYEY START TO HAVE TROBLE "GETTING MY RESPONSE" Bull I will be returning immediately and there better not be a dime taken from my account!!!!

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The peppermint in the shampoo and conditioner is too harsh and dried out my hair terribly. Isn't the entire point to have products that help, protect and restore fragile hair when a woman is having hair loss? The minoxidil is nothing new they came up with, this is Rogaine that you can easily buy just about anywhere. Also in the kit I see advertised there is no mention of biotin which a doctor said is worth trying. I have found they do offer some... Read more

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After an online purchase I was offered some free products from Keranique. It ends up I have been charged MONTHLY over $85 dollars and I cannot cancel it because customer service is terrible. PLEASE DO NOT FALL IN THIS TRAP LIKE I DID. SCAM ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is a shady way to do business. Not a serious company at all. In my opinion the quality of the products was so great, they would not do this kind of trick with costumers. I feel the... Read more

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I ordered the product it didn't work to well and so I canceled my account. I was told by the company I was only gonna get charged a $38 dollar fee nothing else. I see a month later I'm getting charged so I called and they said that I didn't and have to get charged two $80 dollar installment fees. Even after they told me I was not going to be charged anything besides a one time fee of $38. This company is a fraud. Don't even waist your time the... Read more

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