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DO NOT Order this product!! Terrible, terrible customer service! I should have read the reviews before purchasing the kit. But after reading all of the terrible comments/reviews about this product and company, I called and cancelled my membership immediately. The customer service rep was not only rude but he kept trying to sell me other products, not to mention the fact that he continued to yawn (loudly) during the entire conversation...and then... Read more

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After completing an online survey I was offered a "free trial" for a small charge of $5.00. I did receive the product, HOWEVER, I was told by the company that it was only a 30 day trial and then I was charged $160 for the free products!!! There was supposedly paperwork in the box stating that I would be charged 2 payments of roughly $86 for each shipment - and they just kept sending them even though I went online and cancelled my "membership."... Read more

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AWFUL customer service!!!! I called to cancel my order before I ever even received it and was still charged then had to pay to send it back! DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY, it's terrible!

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I too was one of the suckers that got sucked into their offer. I ordered the product and paid the S & H and they sent me my order. A couple of weeks after I talked to my physician and he said that the product was not any different than buying the minoxidil over the counter and using a very sensitive shampoo and conditioner product. SO I sent them an email to cancel and I know for a fact they got it because I received a call from a representative... Read more

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I knew that was the case with these sad excuse for promos. The same happened to me where they called and asked me to pay for postage. I said I am happy to pay for postage but I want to do it online, as i do not like disclosing my bank card details over the phone to a person who works from the philipines. The man said they did not have the option to pay via pay pal & hence I can not get the product/items if I do not pay via card over the phone. I... Read more

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I took a lengthy survey from Kohl's and they offered me a FREE gift (except you pay postage, which seemed fair), all as a thank you for participating. I chose Keranique for my mother's thinning hair and would have continued buying the product, if it had worked. BUT, a couple of weeks after the Keranique was delivered, Keranique calls and wants more money or send back EVERYTHING that they had sent you...ON YOUR DIME...not forgetting that you just... Read more

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This company has tricks to ensure that cancelation is difficult and in the meantime continue to deduct money from your account. I attempted to cancel on 4 occasions over 2 months via email. They continued to deduct hundreds of dollars. Apparently you need to call to cancel. The product did not improve my hair. WATCH OUT!!

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Guys please be careful ! Keranique is a scam and they will take money out of your account with no hesitation! If they keep taking money out of your account even if you returned or canceled, the only thing to do is shut down your current credit card account and get a new one. And then don't contact Keranique ever again. I promise , it's the only way out.

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This company is the worst company I've ever encountered. Their product was supposed to be a trial, but when I got the box it was a huge package full of heavy hair chemicals. When I tried to send it back after I learned that they would charge me two extra payments of $85 later, the are making me pay the $10 fee to ship it back to them. I am beyond enraged. And they still have my credit card information and I don't trust them so now I have to... Read more

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ordered the product from Sephora, used it for 4 weeks and it made my hair loss MUCH worse, I called the customer service this was normal and it means the product is working!!! New hairs are making the old ones fall so they have room to grow!!! This is the most *** thing I had ever heard! In any event, after 4 weeks of using the solution twice a day I finally stopped using the product last week and my hair loss is still beyond belief!! Does... Read more

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