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Two boxes on my doorstep. Suspicious, so I open them up outside (just in case). Open the packages. It's women's hair regrowth products. I'm a guy so naturally think one of my buddies signed me up for a free trial. No biggie. 5 days later, I noticed two charges on my credit card. The timestamps were right after I signed up for a magazine subscription for my mother. The magazine was for senior women. Go figure... I call, some wise a$$ on the... Read more

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When I received keranique, I opened the package to read the inclosed instructions. It clearly stated that I could loss hair before growing hair.The purpose of purchasing keranique was to GROW my hair not loss it. When I called ;keranique to find out how to return the product, ;I talked to a representative named Jerome, ext. 520, who was very; arrogant to be a representative. Some people have to work, but train your staff not to be hateful to the... Read more

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My hair was falling out,so I decided to try Keranique,bad idea. First of all the company took my credit card & started spending MY MONEY on vitamins, Hawaii, weight loss products! To say I was pissed is an understatement!! As for the Keranique products, I seem to be losing MORE hair now than before I started using it. I would Not recommend this to anyone.

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I have been using this product for nearly a year, and I have the most beautiful hair I have ever had in my life. My hair loss problem became a really bad issue after menopause. Before menopause, I had thin hair to begin with, but after I was almost bald. I am not paid to say this, I am gladly offering this information because I have tried every hair regrowth solution out there, and nothing has worked, except for Keranique. Look at their website... Read more

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I am being charged $79.95 for something I didn't buy or join or what ever.. i want my money back!!!!!

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I used the shampoo and the conditioner for a little over a month. The first 2 weeks were okay and the product smelled great. Love the mint smell! However, after this period I noticed my hair was becoming dry and brittle. My hair was starting to come out during washes. I was my hair every other day or every two days. I was worried about over use of the product and started using it once a week. My hair did not improve and I stopped using... Read more

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Avoid these 30 day free trial offers. I have yet to find one that doesn't scam you. Have used product for 30 days and nothing has changed.

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Terrible product made my hair fall out in clumps.Customer service is appalling and operator was not interested in listening to anything I had to say. Will not accept return of unused products or unopened new supply and will not refund money taken from credit card!!! Unbelievably pathetic company that should not be operating, they are just a scam. God only knows what they use in their products!!! Will certainly be reporting them to consumer... Read more

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Purchased the Full Trial Set of Shampoo, Conditioner, Lifting Spray and Minoxidil dual drops. Just after 2-3 uses hair became really dry and started having yellow pimple like breakouts on the scalp. Head/Scalp became tender in Certain areas and even forming dry puss looking discharge from each bump. Also had very painful headaches and discomfort.

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take a survey receive it free except for shipping. When you get it read fine print and you have to pay seventy-something dollars a month and when you call they said send it back if you do not want to pay. Package it like it was sent and you have to pay to send it back or you can keep it for 34-some dollars. Totally ripping people off. I used the hair growth and it made a little hair that was a frizz and touched my face with it and got brown... Read more

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